January 24, 2020

C-squared: Naming and Logo Design

One of our latest projects: naming, development of brand concept and logo creation for C2. The company is entering the international market with a new brand, targeting the CIS and Central Asian countries. Specialization:
November 5, 2019

National Aspects of Marriage Registration

One of our previous articles discussed the share of the unmarried in different age groups. And while on this subject, we further considered the correlation between marital status, age range, and place
October 18, 2019

Our #safe, #warmhearted and #bright Yerevan

Image source: hinyerevan.com Our eternally young yet 2801-year-old capital is often described by foreign guests as a hospitable, unique and warmly embrassing city with its very own traditions
October 17, 2019

A walk in the parks of Yerevan

Image source: hinyerevan.com It turns out that the residents of Yerevan love to walk. According to the survey responses, 33.9% of the population of Yerevan do not go to the park at all, while 2․2%
October 14, 2019

Native Yerevantsi* or Resident of Yerevan?

Image source: hinyerevan.com In the course of time our capital, along with expansion and transformation from the capital of a Soviet Socialist Republic to the modern capital of an independent