QL Index


Quality of Life Index (QL Index) is a commonly used international research tool applied in surveys both locally and internationally.

Complex tool for measurement the quality of life Index in Armenia was elaborated by Breavis professionals and independent experts in 2009-2010.

Breavis has studied the international standards and experience and adapted the Tool to the specificity of Armenia enabling to compare the QL index in Armenia with that of other countries.

Based on social-demographic image of Armenia the following components are considered:

  • Life circumstances,
  • Education,
  • Economic activities,
  • Psychological condition,
  • Human rights,
  • Security,
  • Social mobility, etc.

The research covers 10 districts of Yerevan, 10 regions of RA (21 cities, including administrative centers of regions, 52 big and small rural communities).

Recently, the QL index survey has been conducted in Armenia by Breavis, once every year. Breavis is the only Company in Armenia conducting QL Index research.

QL Index trademark was registered in 2013 and under the copyright owned by “Hay Heghinak” NGO.