CNA Model

CNA model is applied in surveys in order to measure and evaluate the available resources of certain cities or regions of Armenia, as well as to get the social-demographic image of communities.

The survey results can be used in the process of constructing the strategic development plans and for evaluating the needs of certain areas.

The following resources of the communities are selected and assessed:

  • Economic resources (raw materials, production facilities),
  • Social capital (education, skills),
  • Infrastructural capital (communication, market, attainability),
  • Political capital (management, personnel policy, decision making system),
  • Physiological capital (willingness for development of community residents),
  • Cultural capital (possibilities for cultural and entertaining activities, tourism, etc.).

The date accuracy and comprehensiveness of respondents sampling allows to get the high level of confidence (90-95%) and marginal level (±3%) of  inaccuracy possibility. The data includes at least two and maximum three facts (residence + salary + employment).

IPSC is the only Company in RA using above mentioned methodology and tools for community needs assessment. The CNA trademark was registered in 2013 and under the copyright owned by “Hay heghinak” NGO.