Our culture

The ability to work as a team is an indicator of professional success. Shared principles unite us:


1. BE COOL Even the ordinary things can be done with unusual pleasure.

2. BE PROACTIVE You are the master of each moment, be brave!

3. TAKE CHALLENGES This is the precondition for professional development and self-realization.

4. HELP YOURSELF AND OTHERS TO GROW Your ultimate success is determined by the success of others.

5. KEEP PRIVACY AND CONFIDENTIALITY Because you are a professional.

The teams that share common values achieve the greatest results.



Accuracy is a worldview and a vital principle Breavis is broadly guided by.


By maintaining the balance and highlighting the stability, at the same time, we are open to new approaches and ideas. The company encourages the initiative and new ideas of the employees, as well as, the use of new tools and methodologies. To be an employee at Breavis means to be a part of a constant development processes.


Professionalism is the most valuable capital in our Company, demonstrated even in details. We know very well that details are so important throughout the working process, and that details can shape a strong and healthy integrity and proved only by experience and professionalism.

Ethics & Values

The business ethics of the Company can have a direct and profound effect on the company’s reputation. All Breavis employees, thus, must keep to all the ethical and professional standards specified in the company’s code of ethics.

The code of ethics – basis for governing the behavior and activities of Breavis – aims:

  • to promote the public trust in the activities of public opinion research companies;
  • to maintain an approach of obtaining and processing the related information which will not be detrimental to society;
  • to specify ethical standards to be kept to by the company employees.

Breavis, on behalf of all its employees, commits to follow the principles shared below:

  • Exclusion of Conflict of Interest

Breavis employees must avoid any conflict of interest and even its possibility. They must never get engaged in any type of activities that may directly or indirectly cast doubt on the trustworthiness and impartiality of the company. The array of activities leading to a conflict of interest includes the membership in diverse groups and associations which may question the reliability of the company and its unbiased reputation.

  • Political Impartiality

Breavis and the specialists conducting the interviews must not directly or indirectly promote or back any political power. Additionally, the company strictly prohibits its governing team members to be a partisan even if the affiliation to a party is a part of their personal off-work activities.

  • Comprehensiveness of Research

Breavis employs transparency and double checking to conduct its researches to ensure the accuracy of surveys the company provides to its clients and the public. Breavis commits to make available the methods and range of tools used in the surveys conducted, ensuring the comprehensiveness of the research.

Breavis, on behalf of all its employees, commits to follow the principles shared below:

  1. Surveys are to be conducted in compliance with the RA and international legislative norms and regulations.
  2. Public opinion polls are to be carried out in line with universal ethical standards to avoid any action that discredits the reputation of industry specialists.
  3. The purpose of the research, along with its essence, must be precisely presented during interviews to avoid misleading respondents.
  4. Respondents must participate in interviews on a voluntary basis only.
  5. The respondent’s right to refuse to answer questions must be respected.
  6. The personal information collected during an interview must be used only in a generalized manner.
  7. The information collected during interviews cannot be used other than serving the purpose of the research.
  8. The conducting and documenting of researches must be done with a high level of accuracy and accountability.
  9. The company must work in a precise, transparent and impartial manner.
  10. The company’s employees must keep to the principle of fair competition.

Internship at Breavis

Cooperation with students and junior specialists and sharing knowledge and experience with them is one of the core principles of Breavis. We are sure, that the best companies form professionals by providing opportunities for their career growth and development. Breavis is a unique company with outstanding corporate culture, which invests in the professional growth of its employees. We always cooperate with universities and their career centers, participate in student workshops, as well as, recruit interns upon necessity. Breavis gives internship opportunities not only to students but also to newly graduates.

We believe that a mentoring culture is a strong tool in terms of having an effective internship and professional growth. That is why Breavis interns not only get team support but also have personal mentors. Professional internship in our company is quite intensive and engaging.

Why Breavis?

  • Motivating and creative atmosphere
  • Professional and supporting team helping to learn and gain practical knowledge
  • An opportunity to have a personal mentor during the internship
  • An opportunity to establish a professional relationship with the professionals in the field
  • Participation in trainings aimed at developing professional knowledge
  • Performing practical tasks to apply accumulated knowledge in practice
  • An opportunity to work in the best office in the city

Breavis interns receive certificates and recommendation letters upon the successful accomplishment of their internship.

Internship agreement is signed between the young professional and the company. The interns receive all the necessary material for their future work, as well as, several corporate items.

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