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Open-hearted training sessions before making one of the most important decisions in life

The right choice of a profession or possibly professions has a significant impact on a person’s self- recognition, self-actualization, and development. However, one of these life-changing decisions we make at a rather young age and often err prioritizing trends and what-is-fashionable, mere market demand, family traditions and the preferences of parents/relatives, instead of our desires and personal qualities (which we still need to understand).

Career counseling for teenagers and young adults is a long-standing practice in the world. There is a growing demand in Armenia, too. Considering this fact, Breavis is organizing special training for teens and young adults in the framework of the Career Development Program to help them make conscious choices based on their personal qualities and trends in the job market development. The training and individual counseling are aimed at increasing participants' self-awareness, unleashing their potential and developing their independent thinking.

Shall I chase a childhood dream or choose a profession in-demand? What career is right for me, if I have two or even more beloved professions? Is it worth to quit studying? These are the questions that the participants of the training are concerned about and which are answered through group discussions and games.

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