C-squared: Naming and Logo Design

One of our latest projects: naming, development of brand concept and logo creation for C2.

The company is entering the international market with a new brand, targeting the CIS and Central Asian countries.

Specialization: Media and Innovative Lighting Technologies.

At the core of the company name choice - C2, is the conviction that imagination knows no bounds, therefore there should be no clear distinction between the real and the imaginary. The letter C in the name represents the speed of light in physics (299,792,458 m / s), which is the ultimate limit of speed in space. The square of the speed of light has been chosen as a key component of the brand identity, symbolizing non-restriction by rules.

The logo C2 also consists of letter C denoting the speed of light: it is comprised of two concentric circles whose radiuses form a golden ratio. The shape of letter C was achieved with two vertical lines that are the components of the company's identity.

The combination of black and white colors in the C2 logo provides balance and clarity.

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