Long-term interviewers of Breavis share their experience with the newcomers

We have concluded the previous week with a very interesting and productive event. Our research team has gathered its long-term interviewers and the newcomers for experience exchange. The interviewers, who worked at Breavis for many years, revealed the details and peculiarities of the field, shared some life-hacks from particular cases, talked about their motivation and the ethical aspects of this type of work.

The speakers emphasized that each case is unique and getting insight from the actual instances is necessary to be ready for any kind of situation that might appear. The presenters also introduced some data about the company and the years of their practices.

The interviewers have prepared small role-plays to introduce the actual situation they happened to be involved. The role-plays was followed by in-depth discussion.

The success of this event was a result of several months of hard work and practices, which enabled the presenters to show the hidden sides of being an interviewer.

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