Breavis starts cooperation with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)

This month Breavis joined the list of leading advising companies pre-qualified by EBRD to provide communications advisory services to beneficiary small and medium-sized enterprises through projects supported by the EBRD in Armenia in the frame of EBRD SME Finance and Advice Facility Armenia project.

The pre-qualification by EBRD will enable the Company to present its advisory services to a variety of companies and organizations in joint projects with EBRD.

Breavis will present its consulting services in the spheres of Strategy, Organization, Operations, and Marketing.

About EBRD:

EBRD provides business advice to small and medium-sized businesses in 25 countries, working with more than 6,000 consultants and over 1,500 international experts. Through SME Finance and Development the EBRD helps small and medium-sized enterprises grow and succeed, becoming genuine catalysts for their local economies. EBRD connects the SMEs to local consultants and international advisers who can help transform a huge range of business.

About Breavis:

Having more than 12 years of professional experience, we have successfully implemented more than 300 programs in the fields of public administration, socio-economics, finance, telecommunications, education and public health.

The research and consulting programs supporting the development of middle-income businesses are a massive part of the Company’s work, and today,  nearly 25% of the Company’s projects are related to the public administration system.

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