The CEO of Breavis Company, Hovhannes Grigoryan at “Herankar” TV show

On February 14th, during “Herankar” TV Show, the CEO of Breavis Company Hovhannes Grigoryan, presented some of the results of the research carried out in the frame of “Ditaket” project initiated by the Ministry of Defense of Armenia. In particular, the discussion touched upon the confidentiality of research findings, the stereotypes prior entering the army, the satisfaction with the conditions of the army service, as well as the factors affecting the integration into the army life and adaption. “Our research showed a direct correlation between legal awareness and the satisfaction with the army life and service. That is to say; the more the recruited young soldier is aware of his rights and duties, the better he imagines his army life and comes back home more satisfied,” mentioned Hovhannes Grigoryan, via highlighting several provisions resulting from the research.

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