The results of Ditaket project presented to the participants

On February 3rd, the CEO of Breavis Company Hovhannes Grigoryan and “Ditaket” project coordinator Armen Khachikyan presented the results of the project to the participants during the meeting at the  RA Ministry of Defense.

The Minister of Defense Vigen Sargsyan greeted the participants of the project and emphasized the importance of the willingness the young people expressed towards participating in this research.   Hovhannes Grigoryan talked about the methodology of the research and several specificities.

“The research data illustrates the attitude of the demobilized soldiers towards military service. There is a certain connection between the social demographic picture and the attitude towards military service. The soldiers with higher education level, as well as younger people with lower social welfare, are relatively negative about military service,” mentioned the CEO of Breavis Company, Hovhannes Grigoryan before starting his presentation. He also added that a relatively high degree of satisfaction was recorded regarding the quality of food and uniforms. The presence of a sense of injustice among the soldiers is one of the problems mentioned in the results, in particular, the inadequate attitude of officers towards the soldiers and possible cases of “patronage,” which is expressed via providing incentives and when penalizing the soldiers.

In general, the survey showed that there are some stereotypes about military service, which considerably change after demobilization. It is noteworthy that the higher is the conscientiousness of the soldiers, the higher is the degree of satisfaction.

“Those conscripts who were mostly informed about their rights and responsibilities and fully imagined the peculiarities of their army life were more likely to have a positive attitude about the military service.

The survey found that there’s a certain dissatisfaction from military police and among the soldiers from the representatives of the military police, and from ITA deputies of officers staff.

“The soldiers mostly trust the religious representatives, “said Armen Khachikyan, coordinator of  “Ditaket” project.

After the presentation of the results, a discussion took place, during which the participants addressed several questions to the Minister of Defense regarding the issues in the military units, as well as the defense policy.

The participants of the discussion were particularly interested in the concept “Nation-Army,” as well as “I am,” “I have the Honor” and 7-year programs of modernization of the Armed Forces.

“Ditaket” is a pilot project initiated by the RA Ministry of Defense (MoD), within the framework of which sociological outbound surveys have been implemented. This project is unique since the first time in the post-Soviet territory research has been carried out in the sphere of Defense, within 1-4 months following the demobilization of conscripts.

The project is aimed at revealing the socio-psychological, economic, regulatory and other issues of the Armenian army, which are conditioned by the human factor.

More than 70 researchers, experts and specialists of defense sphere are involved in the working group of this unprecedented research project

Note, that on January 27th the results of “Ditaket” project were presented during the meeting with the President Serzh Sargsyan. The 30 soldiers with the best results and positive characteristics, demobilized in 2017-2018 attended the event.

The public outcomes of the project can be found at the following link.

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