The CEO of Breavis Company, Hovhannes Grigoryan talked about the specificities of “Ditaket” program

On October 24th, during the “ERKRI HARCY” TV Show, the CEO of Breavis Company Hovhannes Grigoryan talked about “Ditaket” project.  During the interview, Mr. Grigoryan presented some essential aspects related to the unprecedented public survey methodology, guarantees regarding data confidentiality, public importance of the program, and its primary goal. This study will enable the RA Ministry of Defense to receive anonymous data on existing problems and difficulties in the army service.

In his speech, Hovhannes Grigoryan pointed out that the ideology of this research is unprecedented not only in Armenia, but also in other post-Soviet countries. The studies have also shown that similar methods of examining the army service haven’t been applied yet.

Note, that the survey is implemented as a pilot project initiated by the RA Ministry of Defense with the goal to obtain an objective picture of the current situation in the armed forces. The confidentiality of the surveys is guaranteed, and the results will be used exclusively to reform the sector.


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