Sociology in the consulting sector: Professor Tilman Allert’s exclusive masterclass for Breavis specialists

On October 19th, Breavis welcomed professor of sociology Tilman Allert from Goethe University in Frankfurt, Germany. The staff of Breavis had an opportunity to attend professor’s lecture once again but this time for two special topics;

  1. The Current State of Sociology. Micro-Sociology in the Consulting Sector.
  2. Service Industry: How can sociological consulting change it?

Speaking about the necessity and importance of service sector development in the post-Soviet countries, the professor emphasized the importance of understanding and studying the cultural differences among the countries in the field of consultation.

Studying the spheres of service and consulting in Armenia and other South Caucasus countries, the professor noticed the peculiarities in social perception, national mentality, and culture.

Sharing his own experience and professional skills, Mr. Allert noted that Breavis has quite ambitious goals and is on the right track of achieving them. According to the professor, the fundamental assurance of company’s development is to have professional and competent specialists, who are already selected and involved in the work. Breavis and Mr. Allert will continue their collaboration and exchange of experience.

In October of 2013, the Company had the honor to host Mr. Alert and organize an open lecture at the American University of Armenia. Also, professor received the “IPSC Award 2010”, which was aimed to highlight the contribution of Armenian and foreign scientists to the development of sociology in Armenia.

Professor Tilman contributed to the development of the international sociological network in Armenia, as well as in other South Caucasus countries.

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