The Story about the Creation of Breavis Trademark

The story of our Company started with one computer, a chair and a person who had a dream and a vision of how to make it a reality.  The Company name was IPSC LLC (IPSC – Institute for Political and Sociological Consulting), the main activity of the Company was conducting sociological surveys. Over 12 years it was one of the most professional and leading companies in the sphere of Sociology. However, the Company has evolved throughout those years, and a need for a new visual representation and internal changes appeared.

2016 was a tipping point for the Company. The 10th anniversary was a good   opportunity to look back and to sum up all the work done over the past 10 years and to assess all the changes that took place on the road to development. It was clear that the philosophy of the brand no longer fully reflected the activities of the Company. This was no longer a team that did only sociological researches, the Company developed and enlarged the number of its services, and it began to contradict both to the name of the Company and to its positioning, as the Company would work not only in the spheres of politics and sociology but would also practice Communications and HR consultancies.  The number of Company’s employees rapidly increased, the mechanisms of work organization have improved and the internal philosophy has changed. It was necessary to introduce a new form and content to the above-mentioned changes and the development process of the new brand has begun.

This is how we created the new trademark Breavis

The formation of the trademark BREAVIS can be approximately divided into different phases:

  • A comparison of the old and new concepts in order to define the image of IPSC brand and the planned changes in the frame of the new trademark.
  • Defining the main philosophy of the trademark and finalizing the package of services  provided.
  • Defining the main elements of internal communication and new corporate culture and setting a schedule for their practical implementation.
  • Defining the main elements of external communication and setting a schedule of the practical steps.
  • Developing visual concepts for the trademark, corporate items, and for the working space.


Breavis is a word originally created by the Com­pany’s branding team. It consists of three words from 3 languages.

  • brevis “brief” Latin
  • brave “courageous“  English
  • avis “opinion” French

Breavis means brave opinion!


The symbol of the brand is the bow and the ar­row, which stands for accurate planning and pre­cise targeting.

The idea comes from a legend about the Bowman, who would shoot the target with closed eyes. When people asked about the secret of his success, he would respond։ “It is not about shooting, but planning and excellence. If you plan your work and perform all the steps excellently, you can shoot the target even with closed eyes”.


We believe that research data helps businesses and leaders to choose the most successful path of development. We believe that the ideas created based on research data are the most productive and lead to the highest results.

Empowered by Data


Precision. Innovation. Professionalism 

These words are essential for Breavis core philosophy and its path to Company’s success increasing over years. The Company has always stayed true to its core values.


We empower. We help to succeed. We assure new achievements.

EMPOWERMENT based on research data generated by Breavis .

SUCCESS assured by the project experience of Breavis .

ACHIEVEMENTS gained hands in hands with the professional team of Breavis .


The Breavis logo is expressed in one main color – dark red.

The brand color symbolizes Determination, Strength, Power.

Breavis carefully builds its reputation online and all the employees of the Company are considered as the brand ambassadors on the web. So when posting about office life on the web, Breavis brand ambassadors use the following hashtags:


This was a long journey, however for us it is just the beginning, as here at Breavis we believe that sky is definitely not the limit!



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