Memorandum of cooperation between RA Ministry of Defense and IPSC/Breavis Company signed in the frame of “Ditaket” project

On June 28 of this year, in the frame of “Ditaket ” project, a Memorandum of Cooperation has been signed between RA Ministry of Defense and IPSC/Breavis company, providing public opinion research and communications consulting. The signing of the memorandum marked the beginning of an unprecedented project. Within the scope of “Ditaket” project, aimed at modernization of the army, full-scale research quota differentiation have been carried out among the soldiers conscripted in 2017, by positioning previously closed institution in a measurable and controllable field.

The purpose of “Ditaket” project is to identify the main gaps in the military service, assess the property conditions of the military units, sanitary and hygienic conditions, satisfaction with food provisions and first aid, the existing problems in interpersonal relations. The results of the survey will also help to reveal the difficulties of the transition from civilian life to military life and possible solutions to that issues.

Several requirements have been defined for the implementation of the project, related to the security of research data, collection, and maintenance of the sensitive data, as well as, to creating the best conditions for the demobilized soldiers for expressing their opinion honestly.

The data specialists of the Company, have introduced an exclusive software system, which, in several minutes,  transmits the data of the research implemented via tablets to a secure field, which makes the results inaccessible to the interested parties, even to the interviewers.

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