“Aurora” Humanitarian Index. Breavis Company carried out the research in Armenia

New “Aurora” humanitarian index research in Armenia was carried out by Breavis Company. The overall public opinion research included participants from 12 countries.

According to the results, only the 9% of those who were interviewed, believe that their work can bring a change in the solution of the world crisis of refugees. Note that the majority of the respondents believe that their countries have already accepted too many refugees. The respondents from 12 countries named Germany, France, and the USA as the central countries that host the most significant quantity of refugees. In fact, the largest number of refugees are hosted in Pakistan, Iran, and Turkey. According to the 63% of the respondents, terrorism is the primary humanitarian problem. The young respondents value the diversity, and the 29% agrees that if different traditions and cultures could be accepted equally, their countries would develop.

We would like to note, that yearly public opinion surveys measure the attitude towards humanitarian issues all around the world, the effectiveness of the humanitarian intervention, and the motivation that drives people to act for the sake of others.

The research was implemented from February 21st to March 19th of 2017. Overall, 64566 people participated in the interviews in 12 countries, and the 6 out of those countries were engaged in the research of the index in 2016 as well.

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