IPSC Interviewers play mini football

Yesterday, on June 2, IPSC 10 interviewers participated in the mini football contest. The team “Syunik” won the team “Tavush”   4-3 /each team consisted of five members/. The referee of the contest was IPSC recruiter Mariam Gevorgyan, according to whom the match was great and pretty hot.

 “Unfortunately our team was defeated, but I think, we will have one more chance to rebuild the justice.  To speak seriously, we, the interviewers are a strong team and we always win”, said Vruyr Kostanyan, who is an IPSC interviewer from 2011 and participated in 40 research activities.

The names of the teams were not selected by chance, at the request of the interviewers the teams were given names of RA provinces, where the most difficult filed works are held with overnight stay.

Moreover, football is one of the favorite sports of IPSC team, and all the team members often organize football matches in their spare time.

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