Workshop with the education experts from Kyrgyzstan

IPSC company experts, invited by ILO agency of the UN Office in Yerevan, presented the results of the survey on “The needs assessment of the VET colleges management boards” to 10 education experts from Kyrgyzstan on May 5. They arrived to Armenia in the frame of the study tour organized by ILO agency.

While presenting the results of the survey, IPSC analyst Lilit Nahapetyan told the participants of the discussion about the operation of the Management boards of the VET colleges both in the capital and in the regions of Armenia. At the same time the possible risks and failures in this process were presented to the participants in case if they decide to establish the same system in their respective country as well.

How the Management boards of the colleges help the young professionals in their career growth? This was the most interesting question for the participants and the guests of the workshop. Both the success stories and the examples of the failure as well as its possible reasons were presented to the participants.

It’s worth to mention that the study tour in the scope of “Applying the G20 Training Strategy: Partnership of the ILO and the Russian Federation” project is aimed to give the opportunity to the participants to expand their knowledge on creating more productive education systems in their respective countries.

As a reminder, the survey on “The needs assessment of the VET colleges Management Boards” was carried out in three regions of Armenia (Kotayk, Lori, Shirak) taking into consideration the high level of unemployment in these regions. 175 face to face interviews were conducted with 175 board members of 21 colleges, as well as 20 key informant interviews were carried out with the experts of the field from state and private sectors as well as with the independent experts. Overall 9 Focus group discussions were organized.

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