“The needs assessment of the vet colleges management boards”. Discussion with the education experts

The workshop with the experts in the sphere of Education in Armenia was conducted by IPSC upon the request of the ILO agency of the UN Office in Yerevan on December 4. The discussion was held around the results of the survey on “The needs assessment of the VET colleges management boards” conducted by IPSC. 13 experts participated in the discussion expressing their opinion on the work of Colleges Management boards in terms of cooperation between Colleges and Labor market. Professional discussion, which followed the presentation of the results of the research by IPSC analyst Lilit Nahapetyan, revealed that there are concerns about the effectiveness of the work of Colleges Management Boards. Discussed questions included different aspects of the functional and strategic operation of the Management Boards of the Colleges.

The workshop was an opportunity for the experts to speak about the current problems of the sphere and to exchange ideas on possibilities of solving them as well as to contribute to the future extension of the research.

The survey on “The needs assessment of the VET colleges Management Boards” was carried out in three regions of Armenia (Kotayk, Lori, Shirak) taking into consideration the high level of unemployment in these regions. 175 face to face interviews were conducted with 175 board members of 21 colleges, as well as 20 key informant interviews were carried out with the experts of the field from state and private sectors as well as with the independent experts. Overall 9 Focus group discussions were organized.