The third of respondents think higher Education is not “mandatory”. IPSC publishes an article at

group of graduates holding diploma

How “mandatory” is higher Education in Armenia? It may seem in Armenia most people think higher Education is an important fact in people’s life taking under consideration the public attitude towards higher Education. There is a belief that Education became a part of a mass culture which means there is a lack of quality in this sphere.

Surprisingly, according to the IPSC survey “Quality of life in Armenia”, only 34.7% of Armenian population think higher Education is “mandatory”. At the same time 30.1% of the respondents think one can find his/her place in life even without the Diploma.

Details about the survey in IPSC Quality control specialist Grigor Grigoryan’s article bublished in Mediamax.

The full version of the article is available on MediaMax website and partially on in Armenian language.

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