IPSC presented CAPI system in Digitec Business Forum 2015

IPSC participated in the annual Digitec Business Forum this year presenting its new technological solutions for public opinion polls and market research. IPSC CATI manager Arpine Aghjoyan presented the details of the new research tool.
CAPI (Computer-assisted personal interviewing) software allows to follow the research process in a real-time. From 60 to 100 interviewers work in the filed simultaneously using Android supported tablets with CAPI system. The system ensures the possibility of real time results of the research and estimates the overall situation of the market using special quotas and allocations.
IPSC CAPI software fosters the opportunity of time efficiency up to 85%. The system also allows to reduce research costs and make such researches affordable for the small and medium businesses.
IPSC professionals regularly work on finding more and more innovative methods and tools to ensure the progress in the field of market research.

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