IPSC Staff donated for Aygepar village

IPSC team members raised money this week and the company has doubled the collected sum in order to contribute to “Protective Walls” project. The project aims to build protective walls around the kindergarten and the school of the Aygepar Village in the northeastern region of Armenia.

Aygepar is one of the one of the 16 rural communities of Shamshadin, a region of Tavush, with a population of 648. Like most other villages along the Armenia-Azerbaijan border, Aygepar has a school and a kindergarten. To make a living, villagers cultivate the land next to their houses since there is no other suitable or safe land for cultivation due to sniper fire.

he village is very close to the border – with one house just 100 meters away from Azerbaijan. The kindergarten and the school buildings are about 300 meters away. Each week, there are reports of ceasefire violations targeting civilian buildings and schools.

The school has been damaged several times, with bullets penetrating the building through windows and putting students at risk of being fatally hurt. The playground in front of the school is too dangerous to use because of the gunfire. Four three-meter-high walls around the school area will protect the school from bullets and allow the children to safely use their playground.

Protective Walls project wants to guarantee a safer environment for the children of Aygepar and IPSC has contributed in the project to make the case possible.

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