Armenian-Hungarian workshop hosted by IPSC

On 13th of October IPSC hosted a workshop on Armenia’s past and present organized by ArmSocClub and Peter Pazman University. Participants came from Hungary and Armenia. IPSC employees also took part in the workshop

The first presentation was made by IPSC Research Analyst PHD in Sociology Samvel Manukyan and was dedicated to migration in Armenia. The results of the “Quality of Life Index” survey were used in the presentation. Samvel Manukyan’s amazing slideshow with graphics and diagrams helped participants better to understand the migration issues in Armenia.

After a 15 minutes break Political analyst, the Founding Director of the Regional Studies Center (RSC) Richard Giragosian introduced a lecture on Armenia’s Political Crisis. The participants were so much involved in the lecture that they didn’t want it to be over. Mr. Giragosian answered a lot of questions during the Q&A session and covered all the topics about the main problems in Armenia in this short amount of time.

The last presentation was made by Ministry of Culture Senior Researcher Harutyun Khudanyan. It was dedicated to Armenia’s Ancient History. Mr. Khudanyan introduced a beautiful slideshow with a lot of photographs of ancient Armenian facilities and monuments.

Even after 6 hours of the workshop participants and lecturers didn’t want to separate and decided to meet again.

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