Sociological look on Armenia from abroad

On 9th of October at the American University of Armenia Business Center a public lecture “Sociological look on Armenia from abroad” organized by IPSC Institute for Political and Sociological Consulting took place.

Dr. Tilman Allert, professor of sociology and social psychology at J. W. Goethe University, Frankfurt on Main, Germany introduced his sociological view not only on Armenia, but the whole region. Dr. Allert mentioned important features of Armenian nation: transit identity, eternal desire to find the Holy Land, the land of milk and honey, confidence in being chosen and proudness for being a victim. He also compared Armenians to Jews and called our nation “Jews of Caucasus”.

IPSC employees, students from Yerevan State and Russian-Armenian universities and all those interested attended the lecture. After the speech there was a question-answer session.

And even when the lecture was officially over the guests did not leave the hall and continued discussing interesting topics with Professor Allert.

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