IPSC at “Migration Psychology: Migrant’s Life with a Lowered Social Status” conference

On October the 2nd IPSC Research Analyst Samvel Manukyan presented the Company at a conference headed as “Migration Psychology: Migrant’s Life with a Lowered Social Status” organized by “Public Progress” civil initiative.

IPSC Research Analyst PHD in Sociology Samvel Manukyan Introduced “The factors of Migration Management” presentation where the results of the “Quality of Life Index” survey were used.

During his presentation Samvel approached the issue in a very profound way covering all the possible factors that might cause the migration as well as presenting real figures of the existing situation.

Samvel Manukyan highlighted the 2 key directions that the state should undertake. The first and the most significant step that should be reached is the strengthening the economy in a multi branched way, which will need time and huge effort from the state. The second essential issue is to elaborate a state controlled information spreading policy and culture as today the information flow makes the population have controversial perception about abroad life conditions.

Samvel’s literate and comprehensive presentation finished accompanying by warm applause from the audience and after the conference already most of the interested were involved in local discussions.

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