IPSC new slogan competition

IPSC – Institute for Political and Sociological Consulting is happy to announce a competition for the Company’s new slogan.

The Competition is open for all current and previous main and contract employees as well as for those interested who can get a recommendation from current and previous main or contract employees.

The slogan should comprise the activities of the Company, be on familiar terms with its ideology and adopted principles, as well as culture and values.

It would be preferable to find attached a brief description to the slogan where the author (authors) would state why such a slogan was proposed. The slogan might be submitted in English, Armenian or Russian.

The deadline of the competition is September 15, 2013. The slogan proposals can be:

  1. Presented via an envelope mentioning the name, surname and contact details of the authors and thrown into the box located in 402 room.
  2. Sent to office@ipsc.am email address in pdf file mentioning “SLOGAN” in the subject line of the email.

The proposed slogans will be reviewed by a committee and the results will be presented on October 1 2013, during the ceremony of the 7th anniversary of IPSC.

The winner will be awarded a prize in the form of 50,000 AMD.

Worth to know: A contract will be signed with the winner (winners) according to which the intellectual rights of the slogan will belong to the author (authors) and the property rights of the slogan will be possessed by the Company. And the author (authors) will not have the right to use the slogan by no means by self initiation without a written agreement of the Company.

For more details you can contact us via telephone: +374 10 20 4772 (ext. 22) or email: office@ipsc.am.

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