Successful year for IPSC

We have accomplished successfully 47 projects during the year. This is possible only because of YOU. IPSC thoughtfully thanks all its employees, staff members and contractors – around 90 people in total for making it possible for making a dream come true.

Because we are all here in IPSC for not just doing projects for not just delivering high-quality services BUT for something more… Because we believe that we inspire.

Because here we believe that we do change the world, in our small way, on a small scale, maybe just a small part of it, but we do it. We do it with care and ambitions, with sweat on our foreheads with nights unslept, with days unspoken but never loosing fire in our eyes that’s why we are called IPSC and that’s why this year was so much successful and yet, we believe, that this is nothing compared to what we expect from 2013.

We wish all our staff and employees endless optimism and strong believe in that we can and we will .. Surpass ourselves, inspire motivate change and make simple things even better in 2013..

Happy New Year, IPSC!

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